We also used to sell goods through online. And we understand the design website that visitors like to buy.

Regardless any kind of product you are selling, the important factors are visitors are able to see easily, with clear information, flexible prices and easy-to-sell transactions.

E-Commerce Website Package for Online Dealers 2018

15 Ciri Website yang membuatkan pelanggan anda Terpaksa Beli Produk Anda

“Good websites are easy-to-use websites, easy purchasing flow, and use of “Live” product images to make your business a valued customer “Ahmad Kamal-DNB Resources.


15 Features we offer for your website that may persuade

ecommerce visitors to complete their purchase

Live Search

This is what visitors like. They simply enter the product name, and will be exposed to the list of products they want in the search box

Product Quick View

Visitors are quick. So visitors just need to press the ‘Quick View’ button in the product picture to see the complete information before making a purchase

Custom Top Content

If you have more than one product, ‘Custom Top Content’ helps to ease visitor navigation in seeing your product categories

Sale Bubble Options

Choose from 3 different types of bubble styles. Words and colors can be changed according to your business identity

Quick Add To Cart button

Some visitors already know your product. So without delay, by just looking at the product pictures, they can continue to buy the product by clicking this button

Add To Wishlist

The most liked visitors to the wishlist of the items they are interested in before making a purchase. This will make it easy for you to follow up on them so you can continue making purchases


Category list styles

Choose the style you want. Whether the normal grid (left), List grid (middle), or Masonry Grid (right once)

Number of product pr. row

You can select multiple products to display on desktop or mobile. Ex: 4 products on desktop, 2 products on mobile or both

Category layouts

Select a layout for product categories whether there is no sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar, or off canvas


Off-canvas Filtering

Add a canvas filter to your category. You can access it on your mobile and in categories with outdoor filtering enabled canvas.

Use any image format

You want the picture to see the body only, to see the full, to see the tribe, all of which can be set once.

Mobile Optimized design

Product navigation by category is very fast and easy on the mobile screen. This will make your visitors happy and give more sales!

Catalogue Mode Option

Use the catalog mode option if you only want us to display your product without it. This is suitable for product catalog and separate price according to quantity. Ideal for wholesalers.

  • Show or hide prices
  • Replace ‘Add to Cart’ to the form
  • Replace the sales basket to Custom Content.


Show your products in a ‘Charming Out’ way to customers.


Color variations

We add color variations for your products. Product images by color will be displayed by visitors

Next / Prev navigation

Visitors can view the product before or after before pressing the next / previous button

Quick Zoom

Visitors can zoom on the image to see more clearly

Product Variations

If your product has a choice of size, color, accessories etc, we will re-order to facilitate visitor search, After the visitor selects, the picture of the product will be picked up by choice

Affiliate Products

Do not sell your own products but dropship others? We will link your website to the vendor’s website while tracking the number of visitors who have entered your website

Product Gallery Options

Can choose to organize your product photo galleries either down to the bottom, or to the left of the main product image

How much is the POWER’s features like?

Choose the perfect package for your business with flexible price packages that are suitable for any kind of business. As long as there is a product.

e-Starter Package

Basic only
RM 2,500/per year
  • Live Search
  • Product Quick View
  • Custom Top Content
  • Sale Bubble Options
  • Quick Add To Cart button
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Category list styles
  • Number of product pr. row
  • Category layouts
  • Off-canvas Filtering
  • Use any image format
  • Mobile Optimized design
  • Color variations
  • Next / Prev navigation
  • Quick Zoom
  • Product Variations
  • Affiliate Products
  • Product Gallery Options
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Customer & Visitor Behaviour Report
  • PDF Invoice & Packing Slips
  • Whatsapp Live Chat
  • Payment Gateway / Online Banking
  • Security Socket Layer (SSL)

IWD Gang

promotion of our services

6 ADVANTAGES of e-Starter and e-Premium packages include: –

Support for ANY support

If there is any addition of info, product additions, addition of information, add photos etc., keep us informed and we will make it for you for a year F.O.C. FIRST IN MALAYSIA!

5 Email accounts of their own domain.

Use email over your own domain to be more professional and more organized. An example email like Email can be used directly from your smartphone.

Domain .com | .net |.biz |.org |.co |.store |.boutique dsb

Your domain is like home address. But it should not be too long. The shorter the better. And the domain extension ends with .my only subject to an additional RM70 charge.

15GB Storage | 15GB Bandwith

Hosting your website is maintained and we are offering for startup of 15GB storage and bandwidth. And can be upgraded at any time according to your website’s capacity.

Manual Banking / Direct Transfer

Your customers can continue to make payments through CDM, or via their respective online banking and can upload a receipt for payment confirmation.

2 Hour Consultancy

After your website is ready, you will have the opportunity to get consultation from our partners who have made a 7-digit sale last year by using only a website and a staff by just selling BOOKS!


Multiple Currencies

If you have customers from multiple countries, then your customers can choose to pay through their respective currency.

Customer & Visitor Behaviour Report

2 the type of report you can get. Sales reports include, sale today, this week, this month and this year. Product reports are well behaved, poorly behaved and intermediate. Frequently purchased customer reports, less buy and buy. In addition, you will get a report on the activity of your website visitors about what products are always sought after, their time periods on your website etc,

PDF Invoice & Packing Slips

Subscribers who have purchased will receive an invoice in the form of pdfs and invoices will be provided about your business information. Additionally, you may continue to send tracking numbers directly to your customer’s email.

Whatsapp Live Chat

It’s just right under the bottom right there is Whatsapp Live Chat button? Yes, this is what we will enter once on your website. According to statistics, besides you can answer customer questions, you have indirectly having their data ie phone number.

Payment Gateway / Online Banking

Your customers can continue to make payments directly from your website, without having to open their own online banking. In addition, customers can also pay by debit card or credit card. Additional charges ranging from RM1.50 to RM3.00 denied by this service provider for each transaction.

Security Socket Layer (SSL)

In many of the features we offer, this is most important. This SSL helps to secure your website from being hacked by a third party. If hacked, you have an $ 100,000 insurance from this SSL provider to claim. Click here for more information.

List of Customers Who Trust Our Service Quality


Read the answers to this question first before you begin subscribing to our packages.

Here are always asked questions.

How to book?

Booking can be made directly by selecting the package provided.

Once you’ve made a payment, you’ll automatically be taken to the page to fill out the information we need to make your website.

How long will the website be ready for?

7 working day after you submit all required information.

Support assistance date for a year starting from the date when?

Support support for a year begins once your website is fully completed.

How much does it cost for the second year onwards?

For the second year, you can choose to get our support or you can manage it yourself.

If you choose to get our support assistance for the next one year, the payment will be the same as the first year you made the payment.

If you choose to manage your own, just pay for the domain and hosting costs of RM200 a year. And if any changes are made, additional charges will apply.

What if I already have a domain and hosting?

If you already have a domain, you will get a savings of RM50.

If you already have hosting, you will get a savings of RM150.

If you’ve got both of them, you’ve got a savings of RM200.

Process your order as usual. Please keep in mind, and enter a note in the payment section where you already have a domain and hosting, and enter your bank account number and bank information, and within one business day, we will refund your money directly to your bank account.

What access will be given to me?

We will give you two access.

Full access to your website.

Full access to your cPanel.

cPanel acts as a place to store your website information and data.

Is the website managing tutorial available?

Yes it is true. Special tutorials will be provided to you.

We will send a video tutorial for your reference.


Our agency is not just a website. We consult our customers for its e-Commerce website to record a profit of RM1,002,655.90 in 2017.


Trust us. We have consulted over hundreds of business owners for max sales at a cost of as low as RM4900 only per year.


We are your booking your booking now because we are in 24 hours happy deal. There’s still 16 hours left. Choose any package, and we will return RM300 as your saving money.

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