“ We don’t just sell websites. We create website that SELL. ”

-Naim Yahaya


Maydan Trading produces hair care products ranging from serum, moisturizer and shampoo. Our responsibility is to develop a website equipped with stockist system and agent.

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Produce muslimah clothing design which is quite contemporary and unique. Compatible with tagline “A Style for Every Story”. Our responsibility is to redesign the website design for more trendy.

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Shampoo Santan Ori

We are responsible for creating a website that contains enough information for visitor information.

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Nesz Beauty Botox Serum

This rare earth product is based on helping women to get a smooth, clean and radiant face. Our responsibility is to develop an eCommerce-shaped website.

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Akademi Al-Qudwah

This service helps unpredictable family members master the learning techniques of alquran easily and effectively. Our responsibility is to develop a website that is Islamic, and to explain in detail the services offered for visitor reference.

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Ust Hafiz Kamal

Ustaz Hafiz Kamal is a familiar name in teaching religious classes effectively with easy-to-remember techniques. We are assigned to create a website that allows visitors to make an appointment directly from the registration form.

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PNL Exclusive

If many online traders focus on making muslimah clothing, PNL Exclusive focuses on producing instant shawl that is pretty and easy to wear. Included with pastel colors that are quite attractive to women. Our responsibility is to develop an eCommerce-shaped website.

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Hayfafella provides a large collection of muslimah clothes to provide a wide range of choices to buyers. Our responsibility is to develop a website that has the entire product available, as well as develop an eCommerce system for this website.

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A cryptocurreny platform that helps the public to better understand the way cyber-generating. Our responsibility is redesign of this website to be more modern and responsive.

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Umrah Brilliant

The travel and tours company provides services to perform umrah worship with two promised Friday prayers which are rarely given by other companies. Our responsibility is to develop a website equipped with a reservation system for appointments.

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My Hantaran

My hantaran is a service founded by Mrs Hidayah Rostam who provides the service of renting a delivery item for any occasion. Our responsibility is to develop a website equipped with service and booking information.

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Al-Qari Dot Net

AlQari.net based in Kelantan helps small children, especially in understanding al-quran well. Our responsibility is to develop a website that delivers info to visitors.

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Masterblend Liquid

To the vape fans, the best flavors have been found and bought online. Our responsibility is to make all websites easy to visit and full of information about the products offered.

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Supply Network Agency

If your business requires more structured storage, along with the service of obtaining ISO certificates, Supply Network Agency is a company that you can refer to. Our responsibility is to develop a website equipped with service information.

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Ainistop Shop

Our experience with ainistopshop is quite exciting. The responsibilities are to develop a eCommerce-shaped website that also helps stockists, agents and dropship to make purchases on this website.

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Bringing women into their own world, that is what Hersfera promised in every design made. Our job is to develop eCommerce-shaped website to make it easier for visitors to make purchases.

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Current Work

Zainudin Music

First in our customer list that puts the idea of selling the instumental song collection he produces.

CMS, Content, Music, Experimental, Website

Sis Ita Enterprise

Imagine a retail store product online. This is one of our tasks in developing online retail outlets.

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Agricultural products will soon be sold online. Apart from agricultural goods, wet and dry goods will be sold once.

CMS, Content, eCommerce, Website

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